Employer Services

  • Place one search group's mission is to be the preferred partner with our clients to provide high impact talent in our industry and functional specialties, while providing valuable counseling and career opportunities to outstanding candidates.

    Today’s companies need to be flexible, more agile, and more creative. Their growth will be fueled by the people who do the work. To compete, you will need to focus on those who will move your business, that small percentage of your staff that goes above and beyond, carry more than their load, delivering beyond expectation. We know and understand the importance, impact, and cost of every hiring decision. By being niche specialists instead of generalists, our recruiters possess a higher level of understanding and a sharper perspective about their industries. Our job is to make this process simpler, faster and more cost-effective for our clients.

    Employers, are you seeking the best candidate you can find, or the best candidate who can find you? If you are relying on the “internal recruiters” from your own human resources department, your website, or the big job boards such as Monster and Career Builder to identify your prospective next hires, you are not working with all potential candidates. You are only working with active candidates—the candidates who are unemployed or are highly motivated to make a job change. And the real reason behind the candidate’s motivation to make a change could be an important part of your consideration to hire. Active candidates only represent a portion of potential candidates. In fact, most clients are likely looking for passive candidates. Talented, conscientious and relatively loyal candidates who are focused on their own careers and their employers’ success. They generally are not frequent visitors to public job sites or company career sites. However, they may be open to career opportunities if presented in a timely and professional manner. These are the 50% of qualified candidates that most employers do not get to see. That is where we come in.